PR-6 Series

The PR-6 Series range of PLC’s.

PR-6 Series(Programmable Relay) is the entry level model of PR-Series Micro PLC family, able to process up to 64 function blocks in a single program. It is the perfect maintenance product, and yet can adequately control a new process from the start. PR-6 Series is capable of replacing many of the discrete components (such as multiple timers, relays, contactors and counters, etc.) used in conventional systems. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities for economical simple control solutions. The Entry Level PR-6 Series is available in 120/240VAC or 12V/24VDC versions.

The Entry PR-6 Series does not support expansion modules and has limited software block functionality. The following xLogicsoft functions and blocks are not available with this Entry PLC:
– Constant (Cursor Key Panel, SMS message input and output)
– Timers (Astronomical Clock and Stop Watch)
– Analogue (Analogue Multiplexing, PI Controller, Ramp, Math, Math Error Detection, Filter, Max/Min, Average Value)
– Miscellaneous ( Message Texts, Pulse Width Modulation, Modbus Read and Write, Memory Read and Write, Word to Bit, Bit to Word, Device Reset, RH Maths)
– APP Blocks can not be used with the Entry PR-6 Series PLC.

Easy to configure with drag-and-drop function blocks using FREE xLogicSoft software.

Note: The following function blocks cannot be applied to PR-6 series:
Constant (Cursor key, SMS input/output, SMS message input/output)
Analog (Analog MUX, PI Controller, Analog Ramp, Analog Math, Analog Math error detection)
Miscellaneous(Message texts, PWM, Modbus Read, Modbus Write, Memory Write, Memory Read)

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