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All our software is FREE! xLadder is our BETA Ladder Logic Programming Software.


    Ladder programming software for the PR-14 and PR-24 series CPU ONLY.

    PR-Series Firmware incl. Ladder

    PR-Series firmware file for PR-14 and PR-24 CPU’s, with Ladder Logic and Functional Block support.

    xLaddersoft User Manual

    To fully appreciate our new xLaddersoft programming software and its full set of features, download and have a read of its User Manual.

    CPU Support for Ladder

    This is a list of the current Micro PLCs from Rievtech that support the Ladder Logic programming.

All our software is FREE! Please download the software you need from the followng list.

    xLogicsoft Software

    (ver. – FREE xLogicsoft Programming Software for ALL ELC and PR-series CPU’s.

    eSMSConfig Software

    (v. – FREE eSMSConfig software for programming our EXM and WiFi CPU’s.


    Our FREE eastSCADA software for ALL our CPU’s.

    Ethernet Device Manager

    Configure your Ethernet CPU’s IP address and Port settings with this software.

    USB Driver – 32bit

    Our Windows 32-bit USB Driver for our USB Programming Lead.

    USB Driver – 64bit

    Our Windows USB driver (64-bit version) for our USB programming lead.

    Android Application Kit

    Download our FREE Android Developers Kit and connect to your CPU via Android App.

    Program Project Examples

    Want a headstart on your project? Why not download our example projects for FREE!

    RTS Series HMI Software

    (ver.2.0.6839.0) -FREE HMI programming software for the range of Rievtech RTS HMIs.

Need the latest firmware for your CPU, here they are!

    PR-Series Firmware

    Update your PR-Series and ELC-22 PLC with the latest firmware.

    EXM and ELC-12 Ethernet Firmware

    Need the latest firmware for your EXM CPU or the ELC-12 Ethernet CPU? Here it is!

A full set of user manuals for each of our products.

    PR and Ethernet Series Programming Manual

    All you will need to program our PR, ELC and Ethernet PLC CPU’s can be found in this manual.

    EXM and WiFI Series Programming Manual

    If your hardware is based on our GSM or WiFi CPU technology then this is the programming manual you need!

    easySCADA Programming Manual

    All you need to know about your easySCADA project can be found here!

    Modbus/TCP Manual

    How ur Ethernet based PLC CPU’s use the Modbus/TCP protocol including Modbus Address Map.

    Modbus RTU Manual

    For our serial PLC CPU’s you will find all the Modbus RTU information in this manual.

    Android SDK Manual

    Easy to follow instructions for using our Android Development App in this manual.

    MD204L Manual

    Programming and configuring our MD204L is covered in this manual.

    ELC-43TS Manual

    Configuration and installation manual for the ELC-43TS.


    Instructions on how to use our ELC-Copier to upload and download your CPU programs without a PC!

    RTP1043 User Manual

    User manual for the TRP1043 mono-display HMI from Rievtech.

    Rievtech Studio Software Manual

    Studio software manual for the Rievtech RTS-Series HMIs.

    Web Server Manual for Ethernet PLC

    This manual provides set-up and configuration information for the web server built into the ELC-12DC-DA-R-N PLC.

Generic information on our range of PLC’s can be found in our brochures.

Looking for more information? Here you will find various product information.

Wecon HMI

From our FREE HMI programming software, you should find everything you need right here for our HMI products.

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